House Plant 101

House plants and succulents can be an absolute joy to grow and enjoy or a source of total frustration if you’re unfamiliar with their basic needs. While every plant will have its own set of specifics there are some rules that apply to most and tips and tricks that can help you enjoy a long happy life together.

House Plants-

Most houseplants that do not fall into the category of a succulent will need watering approximately once a week during growing season, while that varies with each individual the majority will also respond well to re-potting in early spring when they’re coming out of their winter dormancy season and preparing for new growth. Many house plants can be propagated from cuttings taken from a fallen leaf or trailing piece, such as pothos or philodendron. Propagation is accomplished by placing the cutting in a clear glass in a sunny location and changing the water weekly, you’ll typically see roots growing within just a couple weeks. Once several roots are visible you can take the cutting and pot it in soil and water thoroughly as it adjusts to its new environment.


Succulents are often sold as sweet simple gifts and low maintenance plants, while they absolutely can be easy care plants its vital to know their basic care requirements to have a long happy life together. Succulents require well draining soil and prefer a dryer environment, during their growing season in spring and summer they should be watered every 2 weeks and year round will need to be placed in a sunny location getting 6 hours of bright light daily to prevent getting leggy. Come late fall and winter the plants will go dormant and water should be cut back to every 4-6 weeks, just enough to prevent shriveling. Come spring you can up your watering schedule again and they’ll be ready to re-pot if they’ve outgrown their container. Succulents can be propagated from fallen leaves that have the entire leaf including the base intact. Allow the leaf to callous over in a sunny location for several days, then you can set them directly on top of succulent soil and mist them every few days. You’ll start to see small pink and white roots appear and then tiny succulents will grow. It’s a great way to save or regrow a succulent from one that’s been broken or gotten leggy.


-Should you over water your plants place them in as much bright light as they can handle without scorching them, it will help them process that water faster so that they don’t succumb to root rot.

-Nobody likes wet feet, always have a drainage tray of pebbles under pots that drain out or a gravel reservoir at the bottom of non draining pots to give that extra water somewhere to go.

-Yellow bottom leaves usually means over watering (usually but not always) Brown edges often indicate under watering.

Thank you so much for reading along and feel free to message us your plant questions, we’ll do our best to answer them!


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